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Why HTML5 Is Becoming the HMI Technology of Choice

June 2012
8 pages
Why HTML5 Is Becoming the HMI Technology of Choice

Information about HTML5 ranges from the W3C documents themselves to business cases, evangelists’ musing, and seemingly innumerable how-to articles and tutorials chock full of code samples. This whitepaper attempts to bridge the gap between the musings and the tutorials, and present an overview of HTML5 that will be useful to people who are not HTML5 experts, but who are technical enough to understand what we mean by, say, a chromeless browser.


Introduction — HTML5 applications — Rendering control — Better programming model — Conclusion [+]

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Andy Gryc

Andy Gryc

Andy Gryc [Grits] has been a software developer and designer for over 20 years, and is currently a senior product marketing manager at QNX.

Prior to joining QNX Software Systems, he worked as the lead embedded software architect for GM OnStar; designed and implemented a speech recognition engine for a speech technology company; and served as a member of the Hewlett-Packard team that created the software for palmtops and the BIOS for the Omnibook notebooks.

As well a contributing regularly to the QNX whitepaper and webinar programs, Andy writes a blog, True Gryc, "about the automotive market, the embedded industry, being an honorary Canadian, and any other stray neuron that happens to fire". He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, and, as his blog blurb states, has recently moved to QNX headquarters in Canada.

Marc Lapierre

Marc Lapierre

Marc Lapierre is currently an HMI developer on the QNX CAR 2 team, where he focuses on development of user applciations using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, and on improving coding efficiency and standards in this environment. Before joining QNX, Marc worked at RIM developing social networking and multimedia applications for smartphones and the PlayBook tablet.

Marc studied computer science at the Collège de Sherbrooke in Québec.

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