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Open Standards and Product Differentiation

May 2013
7 pages
Open Standards and Product Differentiation

With the increasing value of in-vehicle infotainment systems, the role of open software standards has never been more important to automakers. Unfortunately, misconceptions this remain: that open standards preclude product differentiation; that they are incompatible with “proprietary” software platforms; and that open source platforms are needed to avoid vendor lock-in and access programming talent. In fact, open standards often offer the best approach to realizing these benefits.


Introduction — The optimal route — Open to differentiation — Open standards versus open source — Bridging the gap — Summary [+]

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Andrew Poliak

Andrew Poliak

As director of business development for QNX Software Systems’ automotive market segment, Andrew Poliak is responsible for building, developing, and maintaining relationships in the automotive value chain.

Automakers, tier one automotive suppliers, and automotive industry analysts all recognize Mr. Poliak as an automotive thought leader. He is a founding member of multiple consortia, speaks frequently at automotive telematics events, and advises analysts on trends and issues in the automotive market. He holds patents for a framework that consolidates access to multimedia devices, and for social in-vehicle navigation via images encoded with location data. He also helped define and launch the QNX CAR application platform, which significantly reduces the upfront engineering needed to develop connected in-vehicle systems.

Mr. Poliak holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business with an emphasis in Information Systems from the University of Washington.

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