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Rapid Development and Reusable Design for the Connected Car

July 2010
8 pages
Rapid Development and Reusable Design for the Connected Car

In-vehicle systems, and the connected car in particular, bring a host of new challenges to the manufacturing process. These challenges include aligning HMI design with multiple vehicle line branding requirements, safe integration of new applications and technologies, and protecting critical processes in a dynamic system. This paper briefly describes some techniques available for meeting these challenges when designing and building a connected in-vehicle system.


Introduction — Rapid HMI Design and Branding — Next-generation Applications — Connected Vehicles and Future Technologies — The QNX CAR Framework and PPS — Resource Separation — Partitioning — Conclusion [+]

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Kris Cieplak

Kris Cieplak

Kris Cieplak is the Lead Developer for the QNX CAR project. Before joining QNX, he was a Senior Software Developer at Ciena.

Kris studied Mechanical Engineering at Carleton University, and Computer Engineering at Algonquin College.

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