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Making Sense of the Smartphone-Vehicle Cacophony

February 2011
10 pages
Making Sense of the Smartphone-Vehicle Cacophony

Automakers must accommodate the long lifecycles of their vehicles and the short lifecycles of smartphones. OEMs, suppliers, and smartphone vendors all seem to agree that the solution involves some sort of integration of the smartphone and the in-vehicle head unit. In this paper we offer brief, non-technical reviews of the available integration solutions: embedded, tethering, cloud services, iPod Out, terminal mode, remote skin, and simple UI protocol.


Silicon, Steel and Smartphones Embedded Tethering Cloud Services iPod Out Terminal Mode Remote Skin Simple UI Protocol Summary Choosing an Application Platform [+]

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Kerry Johnson

Kerry Johnson

Kerry Johnson is a Product Manager at QNX, which he joined in 2005. Before joining QNX, Kerry worked in similar capacities — as Product Manager or as Director of Product Management — in a number of technology companies, including Research In Motion, Innovance, Nortel, and Cambrian Networks.

Kerry Johnson studied at the University of Regina.

Andy Gryc

Andy Gryc

Andy Gryc [Grits] has been a software developer and designer for over 20 years, and is currently a senior product marketing manager at QNX.

Prior to joining QNX Software Systems, he worked as the lead embedded software architect for GM OnStar; designed and implemented a speech recognition engine for a speech technology company; and served as a member of the Hewlett-Packard team that created the software for palmtops and the BIOS for the Omnibook notebooks.

As well a contributing regularly to the QNX whitepaper and webinar programs, Andy writes a blog, True Gryc, "about the automotive market, the embedded industry, being an honorary Canadian, and any other stray neuron that happens to fire". He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, and, as his blog blurb states, has recently moved to QNX headquarters in Canada.

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